Different colors work for different needs. It’s the same with communication tools – the right mix depends on your goals.

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High-Impact Communications

Your next digital communication project can be a smashing success. You need a partner with a proven track-record of managing projects to ensure that they are on time, on budget, and – most importantly – on target to achieve goals.

So, whether you need a website strategy or redesign, a social media plan, exceptional content, or other digital communication support, let’s talk. We can define the components that add up to a successful project, managing relationships among internal and external project stakeholders and translating information into language that stakeholders understand.

Tap Into Expertise

  • Leading the development and redesign of websites, social communities, and other online communication strategies for businesses, associations, nonprofits, and more
  • Project management from project conception to completion and beyond
  • Content strategy, writing, and editing, especially for online formats
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and solving issues
  • Strategic communication planning


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Communication in a Web Saturated World

Those smiley faces, sad faces, and everything in between are not just for texts anymore. They are everywhere and it is time for all communicators and marketers to take a look at what these little images can do to improve their messaging. Often, when I do presentations about using social media, I start with a… Read More

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Using social media means much more than posting content on one or more social channels. To see results, you need to be strategic. Develop a social media strategy The first step is always to develop a detailed social media strategy. Without a strategy you are just spending (wasting?) time with no purpose. A solid social… Read More

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Guest Post by Carrie Hane, Tanzen It’s inevitable. Websites need to be redesigned every few years. Design trends change, the site becomes packed with content that makes it difficult for visitors to find what they want, brand identities change, a new device comes along. When it’s time to redesign your website, make sure you’re ready.… Read More

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Web designers are a critical part of the website development process, but – in most cases – don’t confuse them with your target users. Designers should not be giving you advice on what users know about you and what they would expect to find at your website. Here’s a great video that explains it well… Read More

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Did you know that as of 2015, 36% of Americans age 18-24 have a Snapchat account? The number of uses continues to grow and they are getting older. This year, the White House and many brands have gotten on board.  Snapchat is the #1 app for Apple phones and the number of video views is close to traffic on… Read More

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While 86% of social media users want to and do follow brands on social, many brands make it hard by posting undesirable and annoying content. This and other insights come from a recent study by Sprout Social. Sprout surveyed more than 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users to determine what annoys them about brands on social,… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Jill Kurtz has done a fantastic job from start to finish in recreating the website for my business, Pack Rat Hauling.  She is very detail oriented and is great at prioritizing based on the customer’s needs.  I would not hesitate to refer her to other business professionals and will certainly be using her myself as the needs arise in the future.

The job was to put together a marketing and social media strategy and program. Jill put together a very complete plan with components that included not only traditional ones (print media, Facebook, etc.) but also some new ideas that we think will bear fruit in the coming years.

If you are ever in need of a PR pro with specialization in website development, you must contact Jill. Jill has that truly rare hybrid skill set of understanding technology AND being able to explain, in laymen’s terms what’s happening, so she can effectively manage the process for you. I can’t sing her praises high enough.

If Jill has time for your project or can take you on as a client – grab her! You won’t find a more client service-oriented, talented, button-down, person to work collaboratively with you on website design, content, or a social media strategy. She’s deeply knowledgeable, very approachable, thoughtful, and always a pleasure to work with.