15 Great Things to Tweet About

Looking for Twitter content ideas for your digital strategy? Here are 25 ideas to consider. Any of these should be able be used in ways that support your online goals.

Remember that Twitter users expect a stream of content, so plan for more than one post each business day.

  1. Respond to something someone else says about you
  2. Follow relevant hashtags and participate in the conversation by adding your take
  3. Thank a customer, partner, etc for something great they did to support your biz
  4. Recognize a customer or partner for something they do well
  5. Share a photo from the view from your office today
  6. Share your agenda – where are you headed next and why
  7. Ask a question to learn more about what your followers (and the twitterverse) thinks
  8. Share something that made you laugh
  9. Recommend a person or a brand to follow
  10. Celebrate a business or personal milestone
  11. Discuss a book you just read and why it matters
  12. Share insight into one of your products or services
  13. Take inspiration from a current event to illustrate where your business fits in
  14. Share something you just learned
  15. Dig out a photo from the past