SEO Mistakes to Avoid

15 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search engine optimization is always evolving, making it very difficult to stay on top of the latest rules. But there are core SEO principles that have remained relatively solid over time. Marketers that don’t adhere to these principles are missing important opportunities for visibility.

Here are 15 of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not optimized for mobile
  2. Slow page speed
  3. Sending all traffic to the home page rather than specific, relevant pages
  4. No call to action
  5. No connection to social media and other online accounts
  6. Pages with less than 300 words of text
  7. Missing meta descriptions
  8. Missing image alt tags
  9. Old content
  10. Boring, unengaging content
  11. Lack of keywords in headlines and the first paragraph of text
  12. Content that is not relevant to keywords
  13. Broken links
  14. No external links
  15. No internal linking

That’s a long list, but making sure all of your website content avoids these mistakes will boost your visibility in search engines and everywhere else online.