Web Saturated?

I had the hardest time thinking of a good name for this blog. I am trying to avoid the catch phrases that everyone one seems to use but no one seems to really understand. If you are thinking of phrases like “Web 2.0” you get the idea.

I think the notion of “Web saturated” strikes me because of the parallel it draws with the major focus on my undergraduate education. In most of my classes, we wrestled with understanding and learning to capitalize on the impact of our mass media saturated culture.

Well, talk about a paradigm shift. Today, it is not about how to reach the most people with your message, it’s all about how to reach the right people with your message. Mass media are no longer only game and town. Technology has allowed niche communities with specialized interests to coalesce, making it possible, practical, and—yes–essential, for communicators to reach them with appropriate messages. 

I had the opportunity to work on a project for a locally-owned bike shop that I think is a great illustration of this idea. The Bike Lane web site has been upgraded to highlight the local community that has been built around all types of bicycling and cycling activities. Although the site is on the www, it features pictures and content that are relevant to folks in Northern Virginia. They add to the sense of community through social media, including a blog, flickr site and YouTube channel. All of these target a specific audience with relevant messages. Pretty cool.

So, toss aside all that was taught about how to reach your audience by telling your message to a mass audience. Now it is all about learning to use technologies that are no more than a decade old to reach just the right audience. Yes, it is now a web saturated world.