Energizing Web 2.0 Discussion Sponsored by PRSA

Last Wednesday (Jan. 16), Balance Technology Group owner Laura Harrington and I attended the PRSA-NCC event, Web 2.0-What You Need to Know Now. . . The room was packed–with people and ideas.

Speakers were Steve Field, Edelman Public Relations and D-Ring blog owner, Matt Goddard, chief executive officer, R2i Digital Marketing Strategy and Operations, and Pete Snyder, founder & CEO of New Media Strategies. The panel was moderated by Stephen Radick, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.

The event expanded the motto I have used since I started working on web sites. “Content is king” is now “Content is king. Conversation is queen.” Yes!

Key takeaways that will help me work with my clients:

Start listening. A great way to help clients understand the value of social media is to show them what is being said about them. Help them find where they are being discussed and set them up to monitor the conversations.

Counsel them. As proponents of social media, we need to help clients “detox on control.”

Find your voice. Blogs need a voice and a tone and are best done by one person. If there are multiple contributors, that should be transparent. (More on blogs later in another post.)

Nothing is new. Social media is the Internet-enabled version of word-of-mouth, long valued as one of the most effective marketing tools. We all make decisions based on what we hear from people we know and trust. In 2008, those conversations are happening online in addition to across the back fence.

Wiki with caution. Wikipedia has a large following of “evangelists.” If you post your propaganda there you will be called out on it. This is a good place to watch, but not to step in. Wikis are more valuable as a tool for internal document collaboration or at your site, targeting your audience.

Share your policy. All organizations should have a social media policy and they should post it online. (This strategy also helps anyone who is behind the curve to find a policy to model.) It’s that transparency thing again.

Web 3.0 is coming. Yup, it’s true. The promise of Web 3.0 is greater searchability across all types of content on the Internet. The “semantic web” will let us find content regardless of formatting and also bring greater integration of global positioning (GPS) technology.

ROI? Last but certainly not least, as I was leaving (truth be told it was as I was wandering around lost trying to leave), I met David Almacy from Waggener Edstrom Worldwide who shared the following with me. While at a recent conference about blogging, he learned that when we are talking social media ROI equals Risk of Inaction. My clients will be hearing that one!

3 thoughts on “Energizing Web 2.0 Discussion Sponsored by PRSA

  1. Jill, wonderful to re-connect with an old friend. Your recap of the PRSA event is full of great advice. I will definitely pass this wisdom on to my clients–especially the issue of the integrity of the information on your site. Thanks. Look forward to reading more.

    Kitty Porterfield