Writing for Blogs

As a follow up to my post about takeways from the PRSA Web 2.0 event I wanted to focus in on the topic of writing for blogs. Here are some great guidelines to follow. These are all presented in the context of blogs, but many apply equally to all online writing.

First, write about what you know. A solid knowledge of your subject matter establishes your credibility. That positions you to share insights and nuances that make your blog valuable to readers.

Likely, you won’t be the first person writing about your subject matter. Find your passion point and focus in on that. This blog is about communication, but my passion point is effective on-line communication.

Write with your voice. Readers want a sense of who you are when they read your blog. If they want dry corporate brochure-speak, they wouldn’t be at a blog. Write in a way that connects your readers with who you are.

Only write when you have something to say.  Know what your blog is about and write when you have information and thoughts to share that add to your larger purpose. How often you blog is not nearly as important as having something meaningful to say.

Pick the right person or people for business blogging. If your blog is for a business, in addition to defining the purpose you need to pick the right person or people to blog. Who has the most credibility with your target audience on the topic you have chosen? The answer may not be the CEO. Whoever you chose, your blog should be clear about who is writing. Ghost writing is not a good idea. The 10/30/07 issue of the PRSA PR Tactics and The Strategist Online had a great article with more tips on blogging for your organization: http://prsa.org/supportfiles/news/viewNews.cfm?pNewsID=1344

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