Know Thy Keywords

Getting your website ranked highly in major search engines is part art and part science. Effective techniques have evolved as search engines are refined to provide users with the most meaningful results.

Although there are several techniques for achieving search engine optimization (SEO), a core element is defining keywords. The keywords for your site are those words and phrases that relate to your business. Your keywords represent the intersection between words related to your business and the words most searched by web users. The best keywords are those that relate to your business and are used by web searchers, but not used by your competitors.

SEO research can be costly, but worthwhile. (It is one of the many services we offer to clients at Balance Technology Group.) But you can get a taste of keyword research for free. Google’s trend tool allows you to enter a keyword and see the search volume involving that keyword for a period.

Give it a try. Think of the words you relate to your business and your website. Use the Google tool to see how often those words are searched. Look for words that are currently top of mind for web surfers and that relate to you.

Use the results to refine your website content. Make sure that popular keywords are present throughout your site–in page titles, in headlines and sub-heads, and in your content. Test the effectiveness of your work by regularly using keywords to do your own searches and tracking the ranking of your site. Tweak, tweak, tweak.

Don’t expect a huge change all at once, rankings generally improve slowly.