Social Media and that Nagging Uneasiness

I work every day to help clients make use of social media to share their messages and their products and services. I encourage them because there are so many social media outlets and the data shows there are a lot of people using them.

While no one can deny the data, more often than not I encounter a general uneasiness with the whole social media idea. I get a lot of questions that generally boil down to “we’re really not comfortable with this.”

Just the other day I had a good discussion with Meg Carnes, principal at Porterfield & Carnes Communications about sorting out the use of social media for personal life versus business life. In a previous post about myRegan, I shared my preference for not meshing the two, but I have many colleagues who have Facebook accounts with as many college friends as business associates.

I just read a great piece in Media Post’s Social Media Insider that tells me that even the folks that are generating those high social media use numbers are not sure why they are there or what they want. Read the post. That makes it all the harder for those who want to reach social media audiences to understand how to do that well.

I think this is a “discussion” that has been going on in a lot of our heads, and it is overdue that we start a real dialogue. Your thoughts?