When to Think Buzz

So “buzz” is one  of those words that is making me a little crazy lately. I hear and see it all the time, but what does it mean?

Thanks to a PRSA session, Buzz and Word of Mouth Marketing. . .What’s New, I finally found some definitions to get my hands around.

According to presenters Daryl McCollough of Paine PR and Craig Howe of RocketXL, these are the times you want to think about buzz:

  • When the success of a product, service or message is dependent on a recommendation
  • When the communication idea is worthy/breakthrough
  • When the universe is so competitive, cluttered or commoditized that other communications stop working

Buzz works when:

  • The product works, has value and will be liked by consumers
  • The target audience is made up of average to above-average social beings who are connected
  • When the product has something people can get passionate about
  • When traditional forms of marketing don’t get through to your audience

Avoid buzz when:

  • The product is inferior
  • The product is not something people can get passionate about
  • The target audience is not well connected
  • It is possibly illegal

If none of this speaks to your product or message, just work on good, effective communication. It’s not hip like buzz, but it works!