Save Money and Improve Customer Service

Here’s a case study from the world of school PR with a win-win lesson for everyone. If you are serving Gen X parents forget your paper printing ways. This is an electronic generation, printed reference material is as foreign to them as a black and white television.

Thanks to the folks at NSPRAfor sharing this: Several Texas school districts are saving thousands of dollars a year by providing parents with an on-line option for student handbooks rather than printing handbooks for all students. Details at

While the motivator here was saving money (something every public school system across America knows way too much about), this approach works because it caters to the needs of today’s parents. These are folks who are used to going on-line for the things boomers and earlier generations are used to keeping in file cabinets: banking, appliance reference manuals, news, and more. Sending home a handbook, or any other reference material, and expecting them to file it for future use is just not going to happen.

So, if your customer is anyone younger than Boomers, stop thinking about paper and serve them where they are — on-line. Save money, save some trees, and meet your customer where they already are. Ah, I just love a great win-win!