Make Your E-Mail Message Cut Through the Clutter

According to the latest research from Jupiter Research:

  • The average person gets 274 personal e-mail messages a week and 304 work e-mails.
  • 74 percent have at least two e-mail accounts (either personal and work, or shared and personal, or public and private accounts)
  • The average reader takes two to five seconds to decide whether to read or delete an e-mail.

Among the people I know, I see many strategies for dealing with this e-mail overload that range from deleting just about everything without reading the messages to sorting them into a raft of folders to “look at later.”  All of these strategies mean one thing for e-mail marketers: you have to work to get your message through the clutter.

Here are some tips:

  • Review your e-mail with images turned off and in the preview pane to ensure you’ve included as many recognition elements as possible to guarantee the recipient will recognize you as the sender.
  • Use an e-mail address that identifies you. The idea e-mail is from your domain.
  • Write a meaningful, accurate, jargon-less subject line.
  • If you have a logo, use it as part of the message.
  • Make sure that the first three sentences include all the relevant facts that would help the recipient judge the value of the message. (Remember that preview pane — this is all the recipient may ever see.)
  • Include meaningful and appropriate links to your web site.