Fun for Friday: A Guilty Pleasure Validated

A confession: a regular guilty pleasure of mine is cruising the pages of I don’t admit that often, and probably wouldn’t be talking about it here, but now that AdweekMedia to has named as the Website of the Year I am emboldened. I am not spending time on online “junk food,” I am experiencing an excellent example of online communication!

Seriously, while most of us don’t have subjects like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to draw traffic to our website, there is much at we can all apply to our sites:

  • Use of great photography to highlight the latest news/updates
  • A dynamic home page that looks fresh with each new visit
  • Great “hooks” – photos and brief text with links – on the home page that draw the visitor deeper into the site
  • Tight, action-oriented writing
  • Simple and consistent site navigation

So, go ahead, check out this example of website communication excellence. No one ben begrudge you the opportunity to also get the latest on what Britney and Paris are up to. . .

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