Integrating Web, Blog and SEO: Doing It Right

Here’s a great example of how to integrate a traditional website, blogs and SEO strategy to develop an effective on-line presence: Thyden, Gross and Callahan is a client of Balance Technology Group.

The Thyden, Gross and Callahan web site incorporates the latest posts from three blogs actively maintained by partner James J. Gross. This makes the firm website fresh every day, giving it good credibility with search engines for divorce law topics. The website navigation is also optimized around these topics so that all important and relevant keywords are contained on the home page and interior pages at the site.

In turn, the Father’s Rights, Legal Crier and Daily Answer Desk blogs link back to the firm’s website. Of these blogs, two are owned by Gross. The third is part of an external site,, and Gross serves as the guest writer. His writing consistently targets his areas of expertise, ensuring good search engine rankings for the keywords that matter most to his practice.

If the idea of having a website AND a blog seems daunting, check out this site. It is a terrific model to follow.