Trying a New Thing: Twitter

Twitter has been coming up a lot lately in conversations with clients and with friends. So, I decided to give it a try.

Over the weekend signed up. I posted a comment. That was easy. Then I noticed that only I could see it. (I already talk to myself plenty and don’t need twitter’s help for that!)

I tried the Find & Follow option and let twitter search my address book to find connections. No matches. I found one person I know who twitters and connected to her. She twitters at lot 🙂

I created a badge and added it as a widget to this blog. Unfortunately, since I am on WordPress, my options here are limited. But, I did manage to get a link to my twitter page.

I went to some sites I have collected that talk about twitter:,, NTEN, and more.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any ideas for what do to next.

Okay, so that’s where I stalled. Help me out. Tell me how to get more out of twitter.

3 thoughts on “Trying a New Thing: Twitter

  1. I’ve been using Twitter for awhile now, and admittedly, I had no idea how to use it when I started. In fact, I’m just starting to understand what I use it for. For me, it’s about connecting with like-minded people. Not many of my friends Twitter either, but I’ve followed some really interesting folks who tweet about social media and/or animal welfare who are now part of my twitterverse. And subsequently, a lot of them are following me. For Twitter to work (like any social media platform), you have to not only watch the conversation but you also have to participate in the conversation. Reply to comments. Start your own. If you have nothing important to say, talk about the weather. Undoubtedly, someone else is in your area and can relate to even the weather. Here are some tips for finding folks:

    – See who your “friend” is following and potentially follow the folks who cater to your interests. As your friends grow, your potential network will grow.

    – Use tools like , or to find folks in your area or conversations that speak to you.

    – My new favorite is – tweets from all over the world that you can narrow down to your area.

    At first, it seems a little like stalking – and really – it is. But once you get a feel for the flow of conversation and start making friends, Twitter becomes a valuable tool for socializing, networking and learning more about your areas of interest.

    Sorry so long-winded, but you know I can talk about this all day!

    Good luck!


  2. Hi Jill –

    Welcome to Twitter! We actually had a great webinar on how and why to use Twitter right before our annual conference a couple of months ago. It’s free, and dare I say, pretty darn useful:

    I would just say that it’s all about:

    1. Finding a good number of good people to follow. Find a few folks that you know to follow. Then see who they follow, and try following a few of those folks.

    2. Watching the conversation for a couple of days until you get a feel for it.

    3. Participating in the community. Ask questions, but also share answers.

    And as with any community building effort – it will take time. The more you invest, the more you will get out of your community.

    Have fun!