Expert Chris Brogan Offers Tips on Blogging

I recently participated in a free program from NTEN – Ask the Expert: Chris Brogan! I share take-aways in a previous post (NTEN Sponsors Social Media Session), but wanted to share more:

To get started with blogging…

  • It is important to start by listening. Read what is happening at other blogs.
  • Add to other people’s conversations. Comment.
  • If you want to blog for professional reasons, find your voice first by creating a blog that is personal to find your voice.
  • Reflect on what others are saying. You don’t need to start the conversation.
  • Ask questions in your blog post. Invite thoughts and opinions from your readers. helps you build a community and build traffic to your blog:

Promote your content to people who you think will be interested.

  • Use twitter
  • Search
  • feedblitz is a great tool to promote your blog and build an audience
  • Use the “what are you doing” feature on LinkedIn
  • Ask questions on linked in that are related to your topic

To make your posts interesting..

To learn more from Chris, visit his blog at To share your tips, comment here.