Make Your Message Matter to Your Reader

No matter what platform we use – e-mail, print brochure, website, billboard – there is one simple question we need to remember to ask ourselves: does the message matter? Sometimes we get so caught up in the delivery method we forget the communication fundamentals that lie at the heart of what we are doing.

ClickZ recently explored this topic in an article, What Is Your E-mail’s Value? The article offers sound advice that applies to all forms of communication.

To summarize in broad communication terms:

  • Look at your message from your reader’s viewpoint. Why would that reader ever want to get another message from you?
  • If your messages don’t matter, or if they are in any way inappropriate to the receiver, the current message is lost and all future messages are in jeopardy.
  • Provide demonstrated value in each message.
  • Make sure your message is reinforced in all communication media that you use, online and offline, and in all your interactions with your audiences.