E-Mail Messages: Make Sure They Work Without Images

In my work with Balance Technology Group, I often consult with clients on e-mail strategy. A common desire is to make the e-mails look like the client website.

While I agree with the concept of branding all communication efforts to look consistent, in the case of e-mail as a medium, it is absolutely critical that the message be able to stand on its own-without graphics.

The reasons for this are many. To list some:

  • More and more e-mail clients default to blocking images to improve download times
  • Many users block images so messages are quicker to load
  • Many e-mail users scan e-mails with a preview pane that does not show images
  • Users scan messages and if your content is way down below a lot of header images they will never get that far.

A recent study offers data to support this advice. Get all the details in a report from mediapost.com.