Why School Communication Matters Is a Must-Read

I previously posted about my search for the right books to read this summer. Well, I have a new one topping my list: Why School Communication Matters Strategies from PR Professionals by Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes.

I worked with Kitty and Meg at Fairfax County Public Schools. We did some great things, made some mistakes, and learned a lot. Above all, we learned that great communication is great communication, whether you are communicating on behalf of a Fortune 500 company, a small company, a non-profit, a school district or a school. That’s why this book is a must read for all communication professionals.

I can tell you all the book’s anecdotes are dead-on true and the advice is equally on target. I also enjoy the writing style, which is just like having a chat with Kitty and Meg.

Of course, I might be a little swayed by the fact that yours truly is quoted in the book and also had an opportunity to contribute to some of the chapters, including the ones on websites and social media.

Give it a read and let me know what you think.