Online Newsroom Must-Haves

TEKgroup International, Inc. recently released results of the 2008 Online Newsroom Survey. As reported in PRSA Tactics (July 2008), there are 10 assets journalists look for in an online newsroom. I list them here in order of importance, and then add on some of my own thoughts about making a newsroom relevant in 2008.

  1. Searchable archives
  2. PR contacts
  3. Press releases
  4. Background information
  5. Photographs and image gallery
  6. Product information and press kits (one of a few areas where PDF documents were thought to be acceptable – think cut and paste)
  7. Crisis communication information – information activated during a crisis
  8. Executive bios
  9. Video recordings of events
  10. Financial information

This looks like a pretty sound list to me, but this misses some opportunities presented by social media–both because some of today’s journalists and reporters are coming from social media and because social media offers you the opportunity to share your message more widely.

My additions:

  • Blogroll – link to your blogs and credible bogs that are related to you and your business
  • Information feeds from related sources – blogs, media feeds, partner feeds etc.
  • flickr – Post and tag photographs in flickr or another social sharing site, giving you exposure for your activities and events beyond your own web visitors
  • YouTube – ditto on flickr recommendation above, except for videos
  • Social bookmarking – create a list of related sites on DIGG, delicious or another social bookmarking site and link to your bookmarks
  • Linked In – include links to profiles for key media contacts and invite them to link; do the same for Facebook if appropriate to your situation

This Thursday (July 17), PRSA offers a webinar featuring the director of marketing for TEKgroup International that will cover the results of this study. The webinar, Top Ten Elements to Have in an Online Newsroom,  is free to PRSA members.