Tell Me How You Google

If you have spent any time poking around Google lately, you know the site’s suite of applications is growing and impressive. And, for the most part, free.

Apparently, a lot of us have noticed and are creating continued impressive growth for Google. (See Google Leads in Search Satisfaction, Advertising Age.)

I rely on Google alerts to keep abreast on items posted in topics I care about. I use Google maps to create interactive map elements at several client websites. My company uses Google calendar to coordinate schedules and Google docs to share information internally and with clients. We are implementing Google Analytics as our standard web statistics tools at client sites. All this and I know I am barely scratching the surface of all that Google has to offer.

What do you use Google for? What are the best tools to support the effort to communicate effectively online?

Help me wade through the growing list of items offered. What can I do to get more from the tools I am using? What should I explore next?