Writing for Online Audiences

This morning I had the pleasure to be part of a panel presentation at the American Independent Writers(AIW) Saturday Seminar, WRITERS – PUSH THE ELECTRONIC ENVELOPE. It was a great crowd despite the dreary weather.

First, many thanks to Kristin King for organizing the entire event. She did a terrific job.

I presented for the session “Writing for Online Audiences: Writing Web Copy, Selling to e-Markets, and Standing Out Online.” My fellow panelists were Beth Bates, Kari Rippetoe and Mayra Ruiz-McPherson. With no coordination we were able to provide consistent and complimentary advice for the attendees.

I shared a list of of websites for my presentation about website writing dos and don’ts that I want to share here:

Thyden Gross and Callahan, http://www.mddivorcelawyers.com/index.php
– Example of a website optimized for search engine optimization (SEO)

NTEN, http://nten.org/
– Example of a website written with effective action-oriented writing and calls to action.

Digital Data Scan, http://www.digitaldatascan.com/
– Example of website written with brief, scanable writing that focuses on key messages.

Bully Hill Vineyards, http://www.bullyhill.com/distributors/distributors.asp
– Written without an understanding of the online presentation. Words related to the map are “below the fold” and are lost.

HunterLab, http://www.hunterlab.com/
– Content chunking

SOURCECORP, http://www.srcp.com/sourcecorp
– Words that don’t add up

Catepillar, http://www.cat.com/cda/layout?m=8703&x=7&f=177263
– Words, images, video that work together

Were you there? Let me know about your take-aways from this event.