Understanding Social Media – It Is all About Conversations

A recent article in MediaPosts Search Insider offers: “A consensus seems to be emerging that the real marketing significance of social media may lie beyond the opportunity to display targeted media against individuals and groups. Instead, social media’s real power lies in its ability to function as a recommendation engine in which real people praise or pillory products.” 


The article continues to offer advice on where to look for those conversations and what you can do to support them.

Particularly interesting to me is that as communicators supporting these conversations, we need to make sure we offer web content for folks to link to and keep that information in the same place. Too often as we work on our websites we think that as long as all our site navigation and links are updated we can arrange the site however we want.

But in the web 2.0 world this is outdated thinking. We want our web content to be part of any number of on-line conversations and websites. To facilitate that, we need to make sure that our content stays put and stays current.