Who’s Greener: Boomers or Gen Y?

A new study from from ICOM Information & Communications indicates that boomers are the greener generation.

“While conventional marketing wisdom holds that it’s those idealistic Gen Y shoppers who are the most committed to buying products that are less harmful to the environment, a new study finds that, actually, Baby Boomers are the greenest generation,” writes Sarah Mahoney for MediaPost in “Study: Boomers, Not Gen Y, Biggest Green Shoppers.”

Interesting read for anyone with environmental messages.

One thought on “Who’s Greener: Boomers or Gen Y?

  1. I love this! We Boomers continue to care about the health of the planet. Back in grad school I worked on the campaign of a “green” candidate. I continue my advocacy.
    Renee Fisher
    co-author, Invisible No More: The Secret Lives pof Women Over 50 and Saving the Best for Last; Creating Our Lives After 50