Join PRSA’s Campaign for Ethical Practice In Political Communication

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has initiated an advocacy program that calls for the highest standards in communication from both both presidential campaigns.

Please support this effort by joining the PRSA Facebook group, “Clean & Fair Campaign 2008,” intended to communicate broad, grassroots support. PRSA’s goal is to generate enough members to have the clout of a de facto national petition, the credibility for a solid story, and even recognition as a national movement.

PRSA has also issued a Media Advisory, announcing that it has submitted formal challenges to the McCain and Obama campaigns to commit to the highest standards of ethical practice in campaign communications. In a letter to Robert Gibbs(Obama for America) and a letter to Jill Hazelbaker (John McCain2008), PRSA Chair & CEO Jeffrey Julin, on behalf of the PRSA Board of Directors, asks the campaigns to sign a formal pledgeobligating them to abide by the PRSA Code of Ethics in all communications, stating that:


“The use of innuendo, incomplete information, surrogate messaging and character attacks, whether in political discourse or other forms of commercial free speech, raises serious concerns for our organization and its 32,000 members, each of whom signs a pledge to the PRSA Code of Ethics. In fact, ethical practice is the most important obligation of PRSA membership, and we maintain that our obligations extend not only to those we represent, but also to the publics they serve. We view the code as a model for other professions, organizations and professionals, including political campaigns.”


If you are tired of the current state of political dialogue, here is your chance to make a difference. As a bonus, this is also a great way to see how communicators can use both traditional and social media to communicate messages.