How Often Should You Send E-mail to Your List?

I have often been asked the question, “How often can I send email to my list?” We all have so much to say, but know that we can lose our audience with too much.

My answer has always been different, depending on who is asking. So it was with interest (and validation to my approach) that I read a recent column by Stefan Pollard for ClickZ.

Among the great food for thought in “The Best E-mail Frequency? It Doesn’t Exist“:

Even opt-in messages can turn into spam in subscribers’ eyes if you send more than they expected to receive. In today’s e-mail environment, where so much hinges on your sender reputation, the complaints the spam button generates damage your ability to send future mailings.

I know every e-mailer struggles with this issue. Share your success story. If you are feeling brave, share your failure so we can learn from it too.