Tell Your Visitors About You – And Do it Well

The About Us page is a staple of websites. It is a staple because it serves a major purpose of any website – to tell the visitor what you are all about as an individual, company or organization.

Jakob Nielsen has just published results of new research on About Us page usability along with some great tips for making this area of your site the best it can be.

Nielsen suggests that each site should offer four levels of detail:

  1. Tagline on the homepage: A few words or a brief sentence summarizing what the organization does.
  2. Summary: 1-2 paragraphs at the top of the main About Us page that offer a bit more detail about the organization’s goal and main accomplishments.
  3. Fact sheet: A section following the summary that elaborates on its key points and other essential facts about the organization.
  4. Detailed information: Subsidiary pages with more depth for people who want to learn more about the organization.