Humans 101: 5 Things People Do With E-mail

Thanks to Jeanniey Mullen at ClickZ Networks for this outline of the five things people do when they get an e-mail. Remember these, and use them to decide the best way to handle your e-mail communication.

When people receive your e-mail, they do one of five things with it. Knowing what these are when you plan your campaign can help you be much more successful in the future:

  • Save it in the inbox for future reading. They just won’t have time to get to it now, but they intend to read it later. Make sure that your content isn’t dated or that the subject line clearly indicates an expiration date.
  • File it away for a rainy day. Not in the market for flowers right now but may need them in a few months? That’s exactly why e-mail file folders were invented. Remember this in case your company overwrites landing-page content.
  • Read it now and click through, but save it for future purchases. This is the death trap of e-mail. If you engaged people enough to click but not convert, you’d better have a follow-up e-mail en route to remind them (within two days) to come back, or you’ve lost the sale.
  • Delete it. Sad but true. Fifty percent of the e-mail you send will be deleted, even if recipients are your best customers. Remember this … and ensure you repeat and represent important information in a future e-mail.
  • Read, engage with, and enjoy it. While this may seem like success, it’s short-lived — unless you have a strategy to maintain reader engagement.

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