Blogs Redefined

Blogs are so two years ago. A sad but true observation by Christopher Barger, director of global communications technology for General Motors as he presented a case study this week at the PRSA International Conference.

Christopher was part of a panel for the session “The Role of Digital and Influencer Marketing in Driving PR Programs of the Future.” I think his observation is spot on. But I call it sad because, while so many communicators are still trying to figure out blogging, our audiences have indeed moved on to the next level: personalized content around subjects of interest.

GM’s IMSATURN U R 2 was offered as the case study. While the company can and does post news and information here, most of the content is provided and driven (sorry for the pun) by the user community. They post content and photos. They form and join subgroups.

The photos of a gal kissing her Astra and someone hauling a plane with her Vue are definately more interesting than typical corporate website or corporate blog material. They are the authentic testimonials of authentic customers. What a terrific – and brave – thing for GM to enable.