10 Risks of Engagement

There are risks to engaging your audiences online. Understanding these risks is one of the many things you need to get your hands around as you develop a social media strategy.

Thanks to Kami Watson Huyse, APR, of My PR Pro, for defining these 10 risks of engagement. I attended her presentation today at the PRSA International Conference.

Risks and Likelihood

  1. Negative comments – likely
  2. Loss of control over the message – likely
  3. Neglect – likely
  4. Misunderstanding of the culture of the blogosphere – likely
  5. Unprepared or loose cannon employees – possible
  6. Fueling criticism – possible
  7. Legal liabilities – unlikely
  8. Losing the farm – unlikely
  9. Negative impact on stock price – unlikely
  10. Tort lawsuits – unlikely

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