Make E-Mail Work Hard for You

From Al DiGuido of the The ClickZ Network, here are five ways to make e-mail work hard for you:

Go Beyond Opens and Clicks

Go beyond basic metrics, such as open and click rates, and implement an advanced behavioral analysis, taking into account what consumers do on a Web site once they click in the e-mail.

Track Web Site Behavior

The goal of nearly every e-mail is to drive traffic to a Web page; yet most tracking only focuses on the e-mail. Analyzing Web site behavior should be the cornerstone of any advanced e-mail campaign.

Increase Order Sizes, Not List Size

Rather than solely increasing list size, look to increase average order sizes and overall revenue by creating a long-term testing program while improving segmentation and targeting to your house list.

Test, Test, Test

Most marketers rely on total guesswork or occasionally test their messages prior to spending. A/B tests, where companies test the better of two options of a single facet of their e-mail, can quickly demonstrate the value locked away in e-mails.

Don’t Neglect Non-responders

Determining why a segment isn’t responding can be extremely helpful in driving more revenue.

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