Latest Research: Content, Content

The latest Online Publishers Association (OPA) Internet Activity Index (IAI) from October 2008 has good news for those of us who like to focus on website content.

The index finds that people spend 6.1% more time on content sites that month vs. January 2008. In that same time period, time spent on commerce sites decreased 20.4%, while time spent on community sites was up 16%.  Time spent on communications sites was down 2.4%, probably due to more people using social networks such as Facebook to contact friends and colleagues.

The OPA’s overall finding was that content remains king. “The October (IAI) demonstrates that consuming content is the dominant way people spend time online,” said OPA honcho Pam Horan. “The economy, the election, and other current events have driven even greater interest than usual, as consumers turn to the Internet for vital news and financial information.”

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