A Model for Blogging Bravery: AIG

As I have posted about before, I have several clients who are afraid of blogging since they can’t prevent the conversation from turning negative. I have to wonder how or if these same folks risk getting into any off-line relationships, but I generally avoid asking such personal questions and instead try to show them examples to follow.

So, I have to applaud AIG, a company that entered the blogosphere because they KNEW that the conversation would be negative.

As reported by Christine Kent at ragan.com, “AIG’s Peter Tulupman did just that when he engaged in a spirited give-and-take with Daily Kos readers/commenters in the wake of AIG’s $85 billion emergency federal loan.”

The net result was POSITIVE for the company, as they had the opportunity to engage with bloggers and blog readers and tell their story. Read all about it at:  Though hostile, blogosphere proves a PR haven for AIG