A Place Where Good Communication Has No Role: Drive Financial

Much to my personal frustration, I now have an example of a company for whom no level of communication or public relations will be effective: Drive Financial of Dallas, Texas. Let me start by emphatically stating that you should never do business with this company.

To make a long, frustration story somewhat short, about 4 months ago I started to get phone calls on my cell for someone I have never heard of. Each time, I told the caller that I did not know the person and asked that the number be removed from the company records. During none of these calls, did the caller tell me the company and each time the caller hung up.

In the last months, getting no results from my original approach, I started calling back on the caller ID. I have gotte a range of interesting, vague responses to my questions asking for the name of the company and the reason for the calls to my cell. I did eventually determine that I was being called by Drive Financial. I suspect that the person they are calling has skipped out on a loan, but that is just my guess.

Despite my willingness to give more information about myself than I feel is warranted, I still get calls from Drive. Somehow they are simply not able to find my number in their vast databases and remove it (yeah, right.)

Well, folks, I can tell you that a company like Drive can never have credible communications or public relations. When your employees hand up on people and outright lie, when your company does not follow current law, well, there is just nothing you can do to create a positive image.

Do you have other examples of the bad players out there? Please share. In the mean time, I am trying the FCC and WTOP’s Call for Action to get myself off of Drive’s calling list…