E-mail Marketing Basics

Lately I have received some marketing e-mails that seem to forget the basics, so I thought I would document them here.

– Use a meaningful subject line that tells the receiver WHO YOU ARE. Your only hope to make to the next step (being opened) is to rise above the in box clutter by stating what your message is about (engage) and who it is from (credibility).

– Pack all the key facts in the first few sentences:

  • Who sent this e-mail? (Yes, repeat this even if it is in your subject line.)
  • What’s in it for the receiver.
  • What action you want from the receiver. (Use an action verb!)

Remember that many people will view your message with images turned off. Be sure that your message is complete even in this scenario.

Finally, include a way to take action. Include a link AND contact information. Let your recipient click, call or e-mail. Some people still want to conduct their transactions offline.

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