Content Management System (CMS) Options

Long talked about, content management systems (CMS) are finally maturing enough to realize the promise of allow website administrators with little technical knowledge to manage powerful websites.

The first CMS tools seemed to tackle issues that saved developers time. There was little there for site admins, who still needed to fall back to HTML coding for everything but the most basic text input. (Or worse, only be able to do the most basic text input.)

But now I see many options that are easy to set up and easy to manage. Among my favorites are WordPress for basic sites (but still very powerful) and Drupal. WordPress is even possible for the non-tech person to set up from start to finish.

Thanks to a colleague at DC Web Women, I recently came across this blog post that looks at Drupal, WordPress and much more. It is a must read if you are thinking about a website launch or redesign or using the web to communicate in the near future.

How to Choose the Right CMS: