Generations Online – We’re All There Doing Different Things

Pew Internet & American Life Project, one of my favorite sources for great data about who is doing what on line, has just released a new report: Generations Online in 2009.

To summarize:

  • Larger percentages of older generations are on line now than in the past, and they are doing more activities on line
  • Generation Y (Millennials) is also the most social, using the Internet to play games (50 percent); watch videos online (72 percent); send instant messages (59 percent); use social networking sites (67 percent); create profiles on a social networking site s(60 percent); read blogs (43 percent); create blogs (20 percent); or visit a virtual world (10 percent).
  • Generation X is the most likely group to bank, shop, and look for health information online
  • Silent Generation Internet users are into e-mail (proof that e-mail is for old people?)