Tools to Manage ALL That Social Media

If you are like me, 2008 was a year of doing more and more with social media and social sites. There are so many good places out there “to be.” Now the challenge for 2009 is finding time to keep up with all those great places.

So, sites that help users manage multiple social media from one location have been catching my eye lately. So far I have discovered:

  • feedalizer – allows you to bring in many streams into one interface (so far, it is quirky on my machine and not very helpful)
  • – post text to more than 30 social media sites from one location
  • – lets you update your status and check your connections’ statuses across social media sites, supports text, photos and video
  •– lets you set up an uber news feed for all the social sites you use

Each of these tools offers slightly different support. The best tool for you depends on what you do most often.