Journalists Define Online Newsroom Needs

TEKgroup International, Inc. surveys journalists each year to determine the essential features and functionality desired in on line newsrooms. The first finding is that 99 percent of journalists think it is important for companies to have an on line newsroom and 70 percent visit them often or very often.

The remaining results provide a roadmap for all on line newsrooms to follow.

  • 97 percent want information through the newsroom and e-mail alerts. Phone and fax were a mere 3 percent.
  • 92 percent want to get their story leads on linethrough e-mail, and most want to be able to just get the news that interest them.
  • Press releases should be organized by type of news and should be archived in a manner that can be searched.
  • The newsroom should offer images, bios, audio and video.
  • Content should include: product information, financial information, crisis communication information and events.
  • PR contacts should provide a cell phone number.
  • Less important are: RSS, news to wireless devices, personal storage folders, polls and access to social media.

Another great source of insight and guidance is available at Press Area Usability