Social Media – Are We Afraid to Leave?

I just read an interesting piece by Steve Tuttle at Newsweek, “You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit!” Steve writes about his decision to leave Facebook and his network there.

I have to admire him. Honestly, I am somewhat afraid to walk away from the many social networks I have connected to over the past few years. What if I miss something? There is one list I joined that drives me crazy with the volume of messages every day – I even signed off at one point last year – but the fear of missing something made me sign back up and keeps me looking every day.

This all makes me wonder, how much is fear fueling social media growth? Are we there to participate or are we there so we don’t miss what everyone else is doing and saying?

I suspect that corporate communicators are facing the same issues. The pull to be everywhere is immense. You don’t want to miss a conversation, a customer complaint, and opportunity to share your news with an interested audience. But is this manageable?

I’d like to know how you are dealing with these issue. Are you able to focus on a few social sites or are you everywhere? How do you manage the guilt or the overload?