Five Ways to Communicate Using Social Media

Thanks to Gary Stein at ClickZ Network for these great ideas on how to use social media to communicate with your customers.

Use Twitter and Follow Your Followers

Follow people who are talking about you and topics related to you. If someone follows you, immediately follow them. Pay attention to what they are tweeting. If they write something you feel you can respond to in a relevant way, then do it.

Tag Content on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and More

Social media sites invite you to tag your content. Tags are words that help organize content and help people find it. Add tags that describe what it is (such as the product name) and tags that use the words your customers use when talking about the topics, products or services you offer.

Tag People

On Facebook and other social sites allow you to tag images and references to people that you are connected to. This is visible to the person as well as his or her network.  As an example, take photos of a community event that you sponsored, post them on Flickr or Facebook and tag them with the names of your customers who are in the images as well as with the name of the event and your name as a sponsor. Of course, you want to be sure the tagged person will be happy about being tagged.

Post Events

Post your events in public calendars on social networks like Facebook as well as on sites like Upcoming and zvents. Use evite to invite folks.  In all these cases, when people decide to attent, that support is then broadcast to their whole network.

Post Content in Your Network

Consider posting information about a new product or service or event on someone else’s network. Announce a new product that targets young professionals at the site of recent college grads. Share a new product at the sites of people who are your most avid users of current products. With this approach, you share your message AND strengthen a relationship.