Skittles Website Goes Social (Media)

I’ve seen a lot of commentary on the decision to change the Skittles website to consolidate access to all social media around the brand.

Here is just one article in the topic from the PR point of view: Skittles’ experiment ceded too much control of brand

Personally, I am turned off by the site construction (having to give my date of birth to see anything?!?) even before I can get to the point of evaluating the use of social media.


One thought on “Skittles Website Goes Social (Media)

  1. First of all, having to give your date of birth with no explanation isn’t exactly socially acceptable.

    I find the site wayyy visually overwhelming. Pink and purple went out of style after 5th grade, Skittles. They are targeting a demographic that is too specific. Teenagers aren’t the only ones who eat Skittles!