Ford Turns Over Fiesta to Social Media

Ford has chosen 100  “agents” to experience its Fiesta and talk all about it on social media. The company has given the agents cars and established social media outlets – but is taking no control of what is said about the car.

The Fiesta movement application process resulted in more than 4,000 applications and excess of 640,000 views of applicant videos on YouTube.

Ford picked applicants that are “technologically adept, socially outgoing and more than happy to share their opinions on all sorts of topics through social media outlets ranging from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube.”

The Fiesta Movement is a platform designed to generate excitement about the Ford Fiesta, the new fuel-efficient small car that will be introduced in the U.S. next year.

The 100 chosen agents will test drive and “live” with a Fiesta for six months, traveling as “agents” on special “missions,” who will then relate their experiences through a variety of social media sites.

Ford reports that the Fiesta also is already gaining attention on Facebook and Twitter, with more than 300 fans on the Fiesta Movement Facebook fan page and more than 600 followers on the @FordFiesta Twitter account.

According to a company press release:

“The Fiesta Movement campaign is squarely aimed at Millennials, the next-generation consumer group born between 1979 and 1995. These consumers, which will total 70 million drivers by 2010, use social media daily and offer a prime opportunity for Ford to tap into a group that hasn’t yet established brand loyalty. According to statistics from a Microsoft study on Millennials, each day 77 percent use Facebook, MySpace or other social networking sites and 28 percent access a personal blog.

This move is also gaining the attention of marketers who are watching this experiment unfold.

Follow the Fiesta Movement

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