This is a bit off topic for me, but a recent Media Post Research Briefcaught my eye as an online consumer:

Young Coupon Clippers Looking Online

The results of a new study by Platform-A and IRI (Information Resources Inc.) from 36,000 panelists on trends in consumer couponing, shows that more than 90 million consumers (78% of retail shoppers) currently use newspaper coupons, with nearly one out of every four of the newspaper coupon clippers likely to be at least 65 years old. It also revealed that nearly four out of every 10 shoppers, a total of 40 million consumers, would be very likely to use coupons accessed online.

Well, I haven’t been called young in a long time, but I am an avid coupon clipper. And, I am very frustrated that this still means that I need to buy a newspaper to get them. I often look online hoping to find coupons, but I have only met with disappointment. (My recent experience with Swiffer being only one in a series of disappointing events.)

I have never quite understood the underlying strategy of coupons. (Like, why do the paper coupon supplements advertise some products without an associated coupon? Any, why in 20 years of clipping is the average value still around 50 cents?) With all the talk and data showing how many consumers are online, I do wonder why more companies don’t have coupons as part of their online marketing mix.

Ideas anyone?

One thought on “Coupons

  1. I think coupons are mainly to entice people to try new products. I know when I was growing up and my Mom started clipping coupons she’d gloat about how much money she saved.

    Of course most of it was on stuff we never usually bought.

    I agree that saving an average of 50 cents on something is pretty worthless. This is why I rarely clip coupons.

    I will, however, scour around online to find coupon codes to get 10-20% an online purchase–or even free shipping. I use sites like which has a ton of codes for just about any website you can think of.

    I love saving money. Clipping coupons, not so much…