Goodwill Blog a Social Media Success

I have read about the successful DC Goodwill Fashionista blog and last week I got to hear about it first-hand from Brendan Hurley, senior vice president of marketing & communications for Goodwill of Greater Washington. Hurley is the creater of the creator of the highly popular and successful blog which is part of a successful social media strategy.

“Don’t think about yourself. Think about your customer,” Hurley told a group gathered at a PRSA-NCCblogging event.

The strategy behind the blog is to reach an important Goodwill audience – customers who are interested in vintage and contemporary clothing. Goodwill has stores filled with these goods, and selling them provides important income for the organization’s job training mission.

The blog allows Goodwill to speak to folks interested in vintage clothing. Weekly posts share bargains and lead customers to brick and mortar and on-line stores to make purchases. The following has steadily grown, and nearly all items featured in the blog sell.

“Goodwill does not blog about Goodwill. We blog about vintage and contemporary fashion,” Hurley said.

Hurley offered these insights into what makes a good blog and a good blogger:

  • The blog must be written by someone who is knowlegeable and passionate about the subject
  • The blog must feature content that has value to the reader
  • Posting must be consistent do readers know when to come back
  • The blog must be social – linking to other blogs and social media and receiving links in turn

To get started, he recommends that would-be bloggers:

  • Create a mission statement (what will this blog be about)
  • Develop an editorial schedule
  • Develop relationships with other bloggers
  • Integrate the blog with your other web presence

For a great case study about DC Goodwill’s efforts, see