Government Transparency Through Social Media

Government agencies are getting on the social media bandwagon to improve transparency with the public.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Evolution of Security blog is all about those airport security measures that drive us all crazy. The blog is a real effort to address the inconveniences head-on, with honest information about what is done and why. Although the 100 or so(!) comments each post gets aren’t always positive, it is evident that the conversations are helpful to the agency and the public alike.

The Securties and Exchange Commission (SEC) now has three feeds on Twitter: SEC Investor Ed, SEC News and SEC Jobs.  The agency director says Twitter is part of an effort to help repair the agency’s image.

Fairfax County government is on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Policies that once sought to discourage information getting into these channels are now replaced with an effort to get all agencies to participate in sharing county government information.

People are both the clients and the funders of government agencies, so this trend toward greater information sharing is heartening. I’d like to document more noteworthy examples here. Please comment and share.

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