A Good Social Media Strategy Should Include a Good Link Strategy

Social media is about building relationships with online users who share your interests. A good social media strategy includes a a good linking strategy.

By linking to valuable content and driving traffic back and forth within a network of relevant sites, you can provide your users with expanded access to information. In addition to nurturing the ongoing dialogue you  want to have with your users, links establish you as a credible source for relevant industry information.

To create good links (and encourage good links back to you):

  • Link to articles outside of your site that offer additional relevant and interesting content
  • Select sites with related content that offer content depth, frequency of postings and comments, blog readership, and outside links
  • Recognize the creators of the content you link to
  • Link to several relevant sites – the more sites you link to the greater your credibility as the hub for related information
  • Let the site owners know about the link and ask for a reciprocal link to your site.