Should I Use Social Media?

Social Media is not for everyone. According to Michael Olguin, who heads Formula PR, all of his 38 clients have an Internet presence, and 60 percent are engaged in such social media outlets as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr.

The decision to launch a social networking campaign depends on whether it is relevant to a company’s core customer or target market, Olguin says.

Social Media may not be effective for every business, particularly those in the business-to-business category. Simply put, if your clients or target audience are not using social media, then marketing to them there does not make sense.

Marketers must do their research. This can be as simple as asking current customers about their social media use (or lack thereof). Or, find ways to survey your target demographic. Be sure to ask what they use for personal reasons and what they use to research business opportunities.

This data will help you answer the important first question – is my audience using social media? Only after you do this research can you begin to answer the question of whether to add social media to your communication or maketing mix.