Women Trust Blogs for Information

MediaPost has posted a research brief that shows that blogs are an important information source for women:

  • 64% of women are nearly twice as likely to use blogs than social networking sites as a source of information
  • 43% for advice and recommendations
  • 55% for opinion-sharing
  • 75% are more likely to turn to social networking sites as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family
  • Women are turning in even greater numbers to blogs (55%), social networks (75%) and online status updating (20%) as primary sources of community interaction, entertainment and information.

Of the 42 million women engaged in social media weekly:

  • 55% participate in some form of blogging activity
  • 75% participate in social networks such as Facebook or MySpace
  • 20% use Twitter
  • 45% decided to purchase an item after reading about it on a blog

Women online are now more than ever before spending less time engaging in traditional media activities like:

  • Reading the newspaper (39%)
  • Reading magazines (36%)
  • Listening to the radio (31%)
  • Watching TV (30%)
  • Talking on the phone (28%)
  • Meeting in person            (19%)  

For more, read the executive summary of the 2009 Women in Social Media Study (PDF format) by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners.