Social Media – Intergenerational Conflict or Bridge?

Is social media a tool for greater inter-generational understanding or it is yet another source of conflict? In my household the answer us yes and yes. Facebook connects me with my college kid and she has even found interest in my blog and what I do with twitter.

But my high schooler is another story. She wants no part of connecting with me on Facebook or any other social site. (My friend request sits in limbo for months, sniff, sniff.)

Some of the older folks in my life have found Facebook and LinkedIn, but none use it much. Alas, I am still stuck with a barrage of forwarded chain letter-like e-mails and little real relationship with this generation online.

I just read an interesting article on this topic from PC World: Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook and Twitter? The article concludes:

Though the cross-chatter between members of the various age groups can get a little noisy, none of the people I talked to saw it as a bad thing. Instead, most seemed glad for the diversity of their friend lists.

…envisions a day when social networks will more closely reflect the way real-world social networks function, allowing users to discriminate better between close ties and loose ties. When that happens, much of the cross-chatter may be lost. But when that happens, we may also lose a great opportunity to share ideas across the generations.

What’s your experience with social media across generations? Share your story!