Digital Divide Persists

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the digital divide in the United States persists and it is based on education.

According to an October 2007 Census survey just relased, the percentages of households with Internet access based on education:

  • Less than high school graduate: 24 percent
  • High school graduate: 50 percent
  • Some college or associate’s degree: 69 percent
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree: 84 percent

Of a total 110.8 million U.S. households headed by someone above the age 25, there are 68.7 million online, or 62 percent. That’s up from 55 percent in 2003 and 18 percent in 1997.

Of those 110.8 million households, 51 percent had a high-speed connection and 11 percent had a dial-up connection in 2007. Households with college graduates were more likely to have high-speed Internet access at home than other households.

The Census Bureau data are based on a survey-based reporting.